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4 Types of Transport Companies You Can Use to Move Your Cargo Around

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If you need transport services to send cargo from one point to another, there are several ways you can go about it. Your transport company options will be guided by the size of your cargo, where you need it sent, special transport requirements, urgency and a few other requirements. All in all, your selection process boils down to four major choices. Read all about them below.

Courier Services

A courier transport company mostly deals in light cargo such as letters, parcels, and gifts. These are the types of deliveries that would be too expensive to hire a vehicle for. Courier companies mostly operate within state borders, and can get your delivery quickly transported from one town to the other. However, they also deliver long distance cargo as well as air transport. A courier transporter can pick your package from a set address or you can send/deliver it to them.


Removalists are transport companies that move anything from light to heavy cargo. They specialise in deliveries within the state and across state borders. Removalists can move business equipment or domestic goods such as furniture or electronics. Removalists will collect items from indicated locations and deliver them at pre-planned locations.

Often, the removals are carried out by trucks. Urgency is therefore not a consideration with removals. If you have light loads, you can ask for backload services from a removalist. Some removalists will also offer storage solutions.

Freight companies

Freight companies mostly deal with long distance transport. They handle all types of cargo from small packages to commercial supplies and industrial equipment. When it comes to distances, they can transport your deliveries within a state, intestate or internationally. Your goods can be transported via air, rail, road or air, either using one mode of transport or a combination of several (multimodal). The mode of transport used will depend on your budget and time consideration. Freight companies also offer warehousing and supply chain management services.

Freight brokers

If you have no idea how to go about transporting your items, a freight brokerage company can come in handy. These companies work by sourcing freight companies for you and managing the transport of your goods. They can find the right freight provider for your needs, they can draw up transport routes and they can negotiate pricing on your behalf.

They can also facilitate forwarding and customs brokerage at ports. If you need your cargo transported in a special manner, freight brokers can help narrow your search within a very short time.