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Ensuring Your Corporate Keynote Speakers Are Looked After When Travelling to You

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If you are organising a corporate keynote speaker for your conference or presentation it's important to make sure that they turn up on time and in a great mood. Here are some tips to make their trip as good as possible. 

Organise a chauffeured corporate transfer to the airport

It is worth it to organise a transfer at the start of the trip so that your speaker gets to their flight on time and has a great first impression of the company. This can help them to get on their flight in a great mood to start the trip. By having a chauffeured ride they can concentrate on preparing for their speech. 

Include an info packet in the car

As they are leaving it can be a great idea to give them an info pack with not only information about the event that they are attending but also some of the people that they will be meeting. This can help them to prepare for the day and get an idea of the background of some of the people that they might be going to meet. This can help them to make some relevant conversation with people they meet. You can either include in paper form, or on a thumb drive as a growing number of people prefer to read documents on their computers. 

Meet them at the airport

In addition to having a chauffeured car meet the keynote speaker, it can be a good idea for you or another person in the event organising team to meet your speaker at the airport. You can chat to them on the way the event and clarify any questions they might have about the event or the organisation, as well as updating them on any of the last minute changes that may have occurred to their schedule. 

If it has been a long flight it can also be a great idea to have a bottle of water and some mints in the car so that they can freshen up if they need. 

If you are organising an important keynote speaker to come and speak at your conference it is very important to organise some professional corporate transfers. This can ensure that your speaker gets to each stage of their scheduled trip at the right time and is relaxed and comfortable so that they can give the best possible speech and impress the attendees.