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Questions to Ask When Renting a Party Bus

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Renting a party bus is a good idea when you and your friends are planning a night out on the town; a bus keeps everyone together, and also keeps everyone safe if you decide to have a few drinks while enjoying the local clubs or casinos. Your party can also get started the minute you get on the bus, rather than having to wait until you get inside the club! When you are ready to hire a party bus, note a few important questions to ask of the rental agency, so you know everything that's involved in its rental and know what to expect when the bus arrives.

Ask the age limit

A party bus may allow children onboard, but not when alcohol is being provided. Don't assume that you can bring your children or even someone who turns the legal drinking age at midnight that night onto the bus if alcohol is present; they may be refused entry, or you may not be able to use the bus at all. Always ask about age limits if anyone in your group is under the legal drinking age of your area.

Ask about smoking

Don't assume that smoking is allowed on a party bus; the driver may not want to be in a confined space with cigarette smoke, and smoke lingers and gets caught in upholstery and flooring of a vehicle very easily. In turn, the next passenger to rent that bus, and who doesn't like cigarette smoke, may actually refuse to use it because of that smell. If you want to smoke on the bus, ask about this beforehand; you may need to arrange a certain bus and driver, or may simply not be allowed to smoke on the bus no matter the model you choose.

Ask about decorations and add-ons

If you want to put a sign or banner on the bus exterior, in the back window, or on the bumper, ask about this beforehand. The rental agency may allow decorations that are specifically meant for cars, such as paper flowers that are used on wedding vehicles, but signs in windows may obscure the view and actually be illegal. Using tape and other such adhesives can also damage the vehicle finish and leave marks behind. If you do want to decorate, ask about this beforehand so you know of any restrictions, and so the rental agency can give you suggestions on the size of signs that are allowed, the type of paint you can use for writing on the windows, and so on.