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3 Key Questions to Ask a Heavy Haulage Company

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If you need to hire a haulage contractor to get heavy equipment and machinery on and off your site, then you need to choose a company with the right resources and experience. This isn't just about checking that they have a good reputation and the right haulage solutions, you also need to check that they can do what you need. 

So, before you decide which company to use, ask the three following questions.

1. Can They Deal With Your Machines?

The type of equipment and machinery you need to get to your site affects the haulage company you use. In an ideal world, you want to use a service that can safely transport all the heavy pieces you need to move in as few trips as possible. It's easier to use one company for this job.

So, it's important to tell companies what kinds of machines and equipment you'll have on your loads. They may need to know dimensions and weights to check that they can carry everything on their vehicles. If you have special needs, such as oversized or extra heavy pieces, then you need to know that they have suitable vehicles at their disposal.

2. Can They Get on Your Site?

The route to your site, its location and its access arrangements affect the type of transport you can use. Often, you simply need to hire a haulage company to move something from point A to point B; however, this can get more complex if you're transporting extremely large or heavy machines.

A good haulage company can help you route plan. They can work out if there will be any problems on route or at the site that affect each trip. For example, they will know if they need to apply for a special permit to transport certain machines or to use certain trucks on public roads.

3. Can They Meet Your Schedule?

If you're working on a large or complex build, then you may not need the same equipment and machines on site all the time. You may need to move things on and off-site at certain points.

In this instance, you need a haulage company that can work to your schedule. It also helps if they can help you pre-plan trips so that you can arrange any paperwork in advance. While you do need a company that can stick to a schedule, it's also good to build in a little flexibility here. There may be times when you need something moved early or late.  

To find out more, contact local heavy haulage companies and ask about their services.