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How to Choose the Best Refrigerated Transport Provider for Your New Operation

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Do you intend to open up a chain of new restaurants serving highly perishable foods to a discerning clientele? If so, you need to make sure that you work with the very best in the refrigerated transport industry. You cannot afford a slipup for one moment, as this could not only lead to elevated costs but, worse still, a failure to provide the right menu items and reputational harm. What are some of the key factors to consider today when it comes to best transportation practices in this arena? 

Best Practices

You can do little to affect the outcome once you have ordered your perishable goods through your transportation partner. However, you should be aware of how they operate to see if they adopt those best practices and pay attention to quality. You should analyse their approach very carefully so that you choose the right partner and stand the best chance of success during every movement.

All-Important Pickup

To begin with, ensure that your supplier treats this precious cargo with ultimate care while it is in that transitory stage between production and collection. You'll also want to ensure that the transport provider can refuse the shipment if the cargo has been stored in the loading dock area at the wrong temperature. This is sometimes known as a 'hot' load and can doom the shipment to failure before it even gets on the road. See if your transport provider uses advanced temperature monitoring systems.

Top-Level Feedback

If they do use these systems, you can get up-to-date information at every stage of the journey. These systems will monitor the performance of the onboard reefer unit and give you a readout, so you know that the cargo has been kept at a set temperature throughout the journey. The person who accepts each shipment can do so in the full knowledge that the load has not been spoiled and was originally accepted in perfect condition.

Proactive Maintenance

Does your transport provider maintain the highest levels of efficiency when it comes to vehicles and equipment? Either a broken-down truck or a faulty reefer unit can lead to a catastrophe and the loss of an entire load. While nobody can prevent every single potential issue, a proactive approach can certainly make a big difference.


Likewise, look for a company that has a dynamic approach to route selection. Drivers should have the authority to make alterations to a given route on the fly and should be very familiar with other alternatives in the general area.

Choosing Carefully

So be prepared to have a conversation with a refrigerated transport provider before you make a selection.